Competence Center for Smart Building Infrastructure Systems

The Competence Center for Smart Building Infrastructure Systems was founded to represent the topics around smart building infrastructure systems as an interdisciplinary research and teaching institution.

What is s_bis?

Building Infrastructures Systems (BIS) are those parts of a building, which have more than constructional function. As such components can be defined as actors or sensors, they will be part of integrated systems that retrieve information from or send data to the building infrastructure. Thus, by developing Smart Building Infrstructure Systems (s_bis), we can enhance buildings with additional functionality and make use of data collected within the infrastructure to build new applications and services within and around buildings.

Our Mission

We strive to offer to our students the best teaching and research environment possible. By performing applied science, we stay at the cutting edge of technology - and beyond. We keep an open culture of knowledge exchange to help students grow into today's technological and scientific world. While speifically supporting the studies of Building Infrastructure Systems, we seek interdiciplinary courses and projects with other faculties as well. With academic and industrial partners we establish and keep close, respectful and trustworthy collaboration. The Center of Smart Building Infrstructure Systems itself provides several laboratories that focus on specific research topics and brings those labs together to form a holistic view of smart building structures and their interconnections.

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Competence Center for
Smart Building Infrastructure Systems
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Scientific Coordination

Prof. Dr. Stephan Bannwarth

Prof. Dr. Christian Bürgy

Prof. Dr. Ingo Jeromin

Prof. Dr. Volker Ritter

Prof. Dr. Sven Rogalski

Prof. Dr. Carsten Zahout-Heil